Dagger's Bio...

Dagger was born in Santa Rosa, CA and is a Black Lab (75%), Golden retriever (25%) mix. Before Dagger became known as DogVinci, the Canine painter, he was working towards becoming a highly trained Assistance Dog for Canine Companions for Independence (CCI.org). During Dagger’s training, he learned how to push drawers and doors closed and hold objects in his mouth, but, he was not able to fulfill his duties as an assistance dog because of his fear issues, so his life took a different turn.


Dagger DogVinci was adopted by a fine artist, Yvonne Dagger. While in her studio one day during the summer of 2015, Dagger sat faithfully and watched while Yvonne worked. One day, Yvonne asked Dagger if he wanted to paint. His tail began to wag. Yvonne placed a brush in his mouth and with one simple command, “paint”, Dagger immediately went to work creating amazing artwork–where each and every stroke of paint on the canvas is placed by Dagger himself.

Today, Dagger’s remarkable talent has made him affectionately known as, “DogVinci” and he continues creating colorful masterpieces for the world to admire. Since the early spring of this year, when Dagger’s story went viral, Dagger has sold over 150 paintings with a portion of all sales going to animal & people related charities and causes. Dagger has donated over $10,000 to date to charity. He has been on the Rachael Ray Show, The Today Show, in Newsday numerous times, on Inside Edition, in Mashable and The Daily Telegraph UK….just to name some. He has had Eyewitness News, CBS, FOX TV, PIX11, Brazil TV, The Tribecca Film Festival as well as other numerous media outlets come to the studio to film and watch Dagger paint. Recently, a documentary was made of Dagger…”DogVinci: The Documentary.”

In addition to Dagger’s artistic ability as a canine painter he is a certified therapy dog for Therapy Dogs International. Dagger goes to nursing homes libraries and schools visiting the residents and children bringing love and comfort to everyone he meets.